Saturday, April 14, 2012

What does Obama offer...?

Well, clearly not economic change and it's clearly not an America for business owners and stay at home moms. He also doesn't offer his secret service what Colombian prostitutes offer. Just hours ago it broke to the nation that a dozen secret service had been sent back home due to several agents engaging in misconduct. At least one of the agents had been involved in a situation where they didn't pay a prostitute leading up to said prostitute complaining to police.

This comes as a major issue because our President is there in Columbia and we need our secret service to protect him. Instead, amid several bomb blasts in the region you have his agents engaging in acts of 'misconduct'. This is another case of government corruption and moral debauchery which comes at a perfect time as we all seem to lose faith in our government. I cannot wait to hear the countless spins to this that will arise come Monday when the media starts working on it.

The full article can be read here. No doubt we're a laughing-stalk around the world as they make fun of those who instead of protecting the president would rather get topped off. Good job guys...:

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