Friday, April 13, 2012

Cain Train VP Derailment - Part One

I'm going to break this into a few separate pages about my personal complaints with any of the pundits out there that say Herman Cain may be a potential Vice President selection to the Romney ticket. Let me first and foremost say you are nuts if you think that Herman Cain is an option for Vice President! Why do you ask? Let's get roasting because I've got a lot of peanuts in this bag.

Herman Cain can be remembered for several things through out his bid for the election. He can be remembered for 9, 9, 9 or having been the CEO of GodFather's Pizza. That tends to be how Conservatives, Republicans, people who were happy to vote for him, remember him as... Me personally, I would have happily voted for Herman Cain until the several gaffes that happened through out his campaign.

Let's talk about the first set of problems, the first set of gaffes. There were several moments through out the bid for the Presidency by the Cain Train that we were forced to hear him double back from his own comments. Even more than that it sounded like he didn't have a single clue when it came to foreign policy, something that in today's day and age scared a lot of people.

He did scare a lot of Liberals, not just because of how scary his foreign policy might have been, but because he didn't fit the Conservative body that they portray. Democrats and Liberals were up in arms that a black man could be running with an -R beside his name, yet alone that there was an individual who didn't play the victim card yet rather talked about how only in America could he have gone as far as he did. They were scared and it's obvious due to the derailment of the Cain Train on several scandals that had not been proven.

We heard about the first sexual harassment claim although confidentiality and the likes saved him from having to prove it didn't happen or whether it did happen. Then, a second claim, followed by a third claim, but my problem with this was that there wasn't actual proof on the matter. There wasn't a single claim that had substantial evidence that could be proved and yet all the media outlets ran continuously with the idea. Between sexual harassment and his own gaffes, there are several reasons that his campaign bid has ended but let's talk about him as the man.

When choosing a VP candidate you have to choose someone that can step into the position God forbid something happens to you as the President. You have to choose someone that will help you in some way and Herman Cain, despite being a lovable guy, he does have too many faults and not enough of a positive image to help Romney. Cain can't even help to bring in a swing state...

I'm going to end this with a campaign ad that Herman Cain actually ran!

What does this even mean...

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