Saturday, April 14, 2012

War on Mom's

Let's talk about the so called "War on Women" that the left has been hollering on about. I would love to hear Ann Coulter's take on this, and having read Guilty, I think it's safe to say she isn't a fan of the recent attack on stay at home mothers.

I understand why some women get upset at stay at home moms, I really do. It's not that hard to understand from the feminist point of view that after all the work they put in that a woman would want to revert back to the days of staying home and watching the kids. That being said, it becomes hard to understand why they would attack a woman over it because after all, isn't it a choice? She wasn't forced to stay at home and watch the kids because Mitt Romney made her, she chose to do it.

The left has attacked the right over and over, beating this horse senseless over the fact that it's men that want to stop you from progressing. It's the right that doesn't want you to have birth control, or the ability to abort your child, they're against women's rights! It's laughable to say the least that if the issue in this nation right now is birth control and the ability to scramble one's unborn child into a frappe vacuum then we deserve to crash and burn.

I have friends from several ivy league schools and we often talk about the matters of life, debate over certain controversial issues in the world, and although we almost never agree there has been one thing that we have agreed upon and that's the decline of morality in this country. Ironically, the decline of morality is somewhat attributed to by the fact that families no longer have both parents at home. You have more children out of wedlock, more single parents, and families where both parents work to raise a child they had at an early age.

We also live in a world where we almost celebrate the idea of being a single mother and being on welfare, of being on food stamps or receiving federal aid. In the 70's it was a shame to be on welfare and you wouldn't speak of it where as now I can recall a girl in high-school several years back bragging about it. That's where this War on Women comes into play.

The Democratic party and those on the left want to do their best to ensure that they have votes. The best way to do this is to create victims. If you're a single mother with 11 kids by 7 different men, you're a victim and most definitely voting Democrat because they're giving you food stamps, welfare, and the ability to stay at home and continue your life. Let's think about this though, most 'victims' such as that aren't using contraception otherwise they wouldn't have so many children by so many different fathers so there goes the contraception issue. They also haven't expressed their freedoms as a woman by having the several children out of wedlock, so why would the Democrats make this an issue? Simply put, they're running out of victims.

The victim they tried to play was a Georgetown University soon to be lawyer who claims it costs $3,000 a year for contraception and it's a whole Summer's work. Let me be the first to say a pack of condoms does not cost $3,000 dollars. From first hand knowledge, a prescription of birth control for my girlfriend costs us about $30 a month, that's $360 a year. Then there's also condoms, which depending on the brand or where you go to get them, I've even purchased boxes of 48 for about $30 somewhat dollars... again, let's do the math. At $3,000 a year for contraception you're either having sex at an almost outlandishly amount, or you're too stupid to realize that birth control is far cheaper at your local Target, Rite-aid, CVS, Walmart, Stop and Shop, Shaws, Piggly Wiggly, Walgreens, or whatever store you frequent.

The other problem with their recent war on women is when you look at the statistics, their 18% gap in pay between men and women in the White House doesn't help. Let's also talk about how it tends to be those on the left attacking women the most than the right. When Hilary Clinton was running those on the left attacked her with sexist remarks where those on the right attacked her on topics of interest and positions.

There's definitely a big difference between the real war on women and the war on women that the left would hope that you believed in. The biggest point to this is recently with Hilary Rosen's comment that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life and doesn't understand the economy. I will try my best to refrain from lunging out and attacking Hilary Rosen personally, although I don't think it will fair well, because this just pisses me off. The idea that a stay at home mother doesn't understand the economy is offensive and proves that the left only cares about you when you can help promote the ideals of victomization.

A stay at home mother probably has more skills than most people out there. How do you juggle two kids at home while cleaning, cooking, laundry, various other levels of housework, scheduling between your husband and the kids, making sure your kids have a good upbringing and she's most likely the one making sure the bills are being paid, along with the fact that she is the one doing the shopping so she knows what she needs and what is in the budget for the family... I could trail on longer but there are so many tasks that if you were to put down that you were a stay at home mother for 24 years and they asked, "what skills do you have?" well you'd be overqualified for everything. If they asked me to put down my skills from my last job it would be a lot smaller than that of a stay at home mom.

The fact that she attacked her on this topic has come at a perfect time though because there will no longer be this war on women from the right. Obama is losing ground everywhere he can and now, he's losing mothers. Hilary Rosen also stated that she's a mother and she works as if this makes her a better mother than Ann Romneyor that she's subpar as a woman because she doesn't work... Let's look at this from one standpoint that most media outlets won't tell you... Hilary Rosen is an outspoken lesbian so it's not strange that she might view herself as a strong, independent woman but the problem is, so is Ann Romney.

Let's also dig a little deeper... Hilary Rosen is a working mother... but in 2003 she gave up her job to spend a little more time with her adopted twins and her partner, why that sounds like a stay at home mom to me! Also, she can't claim she didn't have the option to stay at home with her children due to needing to work because her and her partner are, lack of a better description, loaded when it comes to money. I'm going to cut this short but let me just state that Hilary Rosen has no right to speak for women because she obviously doesn't understand that not all women are the sheep that the left would hope for.

Attached here is a link that will bring you to a nice 10 things about Hilary Rosen because I'd rather not do an entire segment flaming her: Link

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