Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gingrich Blind?

As we know, Santorum recently stepped down from his run for the presidency. As recent as yesterday Newt Gingrich began to brag about the fact that he called this, that he would be the nominee had Romney not piled as much money on him in Iowa that he would have won the nomination. I'm sorry... but Newt Gingrich, are you freakin' blind?!?!?

Newt called for Santorum to step down several times while staying in the race himself. How are you behind and you call for the guy in front of you to step down? I'm not a Santorum supporter but I'm also not a moron when it comes to History and Politics. Then he has the audacity to say that Santorum's moment would come and he would outlast him. Well let me fill you in Newt... the reason Santorum got out, other than the abysmal debt he's running up, the sickness of his daughter, the fact he wasn't going to win, and the fact that he didn't want to lose his home state, to name a few... but he did not step down because he was afraid you'd win Newt.

Let's also talk about how... now you're saying that you believe you still have a chance? Would you like to talk about that large check you just bounced trying to qualify for Utah? You and your campaign are $4,000,000 in debt, why not suspend your own campaign and just quit while you're ahead? If you're all ready running a debt that's more of a reason not to vote for you because you can't even handle the bid for the nomination, yet alone the debt if you became the President.

I talked a lot of trash about Santorum but I'll give him this much, he has personal ethics despite a large mouth. I thought he was arrogant but goddamn Newt is so full of himself I now understand that that's not weight he's added in the past 40 years from eating but rather from his inflated ego. Crash and burn baby.

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