Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Personal Update - America's Health Care Debate

I would like to apologize to any fans or faithful watchers for not having an update the past few days. Please believe me when I say it was hard going without internet on my laptop especially with three major primaries happening on Tuesday. Let me take this moment to thank each and every one of you has helped to pave the way for Mitt Romney on his road the the Presidency.

I would, oddly enough, like to give a shout out to another individual who has helped Romney and that is Rick Santorum. The reason I say he has helped, if Rick Santorum were a serious candidate he would not have so many feet in his mouth rather he would be talking about the 'issues' and not enlightening us upon his issues.

Rick Santorum is a family man. He is a strong Catholic. He is a conservative. He endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008. The problem is... Rick Santorum is also a hot headed, loud mouthed moron who will be remembered as the man that cost us the election if we lose in November. Had he stepped out maybe, 200 of Mitt Romney's delegates ago, Romney would be collecting money for a general primary run right now and not collecting money to beat Santorum in what appears to be an uncontested race now.

Rick Santorum should be considered a VP on Obama's ticket this run around, it would be perfect.

Now on to the real issue of the day. President Barack Obama had made reference to "activist judges" which is ironic because we've been talking about that for almost forty years now. He made reference that these people who are not elected, who are in for life, get to shoot down a law that has been passed constitutionally.

Really? Is that so Mr. President? Then let us talk about the Constitutionality of the very law you claim to pass. Let us talk about HOW you passed the law huh? Let us talk about how NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OR SENATE HAS READ IT IN IT'S ENTIRETY. It took Ted Kennedy dying to get a Republican in the Senate in Massachusetts. Out of fear the health care fiasco, this terrible bill that has it's constitutionality being questioned, was passed as swiftly as Democrats could get it shoved down our throat.

The issue I personally have... I really do enjoy the idea of a voucher system. We at the moment are completely and utterly broke. We are on the verge of bankruptcy and yes, I would love to give everyone Health Care so let me tell you how I would personally run the issue if I were a President/Politician drafting the bill that I think would serve Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats.

First off, any bill that is more than 50 pages in length is too complex and needs to be brought down. I personally would like the most compact, simplistic way of doing things. I believe a voucher system and the ability to let Health Care compete against state lines would not only lower the price of Health Care but allow people to choose their own health care by picking an insurance company. Give them the ability to use a voucher that gives the insurance companies x amount of money each year on that individual.

I'm not entirely sure how much money we spend a year on individuals who are uninsured that go to the doctors or hospital but I would be willing to say that if the Government were able to give each individual a check that could not be traded, that could not be given to anyone but a health care provider/insurance company, that we would be able to lower costs. This would also help companies because a company that is no longer paying out for health insurance for an employee now has more money to hire more employees.

This circle of logic is amazing. The bill could even be written under a page. Real simple. "Each U.S. citizen shall hereby be presented $2,500 in the form of a Health Care wager and will therefor be able to shop for their own Health Care." And the best part, there are insurance companies in each state that for individuals costs less than this. When I was paying for Health Care it was $900 a year. If an individual like myself who very rarily goes to the doctor's then hands in the voucher and the company is only billing $900, the government now has an additional $1,600 left. They can either give it all to the insurance company or they can simply let it sit and collect interest/money.

No political party wants to say individuals shouldn't have insurance. No political party wants to say, "We'd rather you lose your home, your job, and children's financial assets than to save yourself from cancer." The reason politicians pick certain battles are exactly the way they're put to task in their bills. I challenge you, pick a Politician and look at their track record, see why they said no on certain bills that made you think that maybe they're a flip flopper. Some Politicians will blatantly tell you, "I would vote for it had it not been for this one line." Sometime's Politicians will slide an earmark into a bill.

Now the reason the Obamacare is unconstitutional is it forces the US Citizens to purchase a product. Those that refuse to purchase this product are liable to pay a tax, or a penalty, depends on what the complaints of the day tend to be whether it's a tax or a tax penalty. We all know what it really is though, it's unconstitutional and it will be overturned.

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