Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I Know Condi can't be VP

The same reason that individuals have said Jeb Bush can't be president is the same reason I'll put my neck out and stake that Condi cannot play the part of VP. Don't get me wrong, I think she would make an amazing VP and there's not a better woman right now that I can think of that would be qualified more. Palin? Pah. Bachman? Go back under a rock. Condi? Right on.

There is however a large reason that Condoleezza Rice will not be chosen as VP and that is she served under George Bush. Think about it like this... You're sitting in a crowded theater and you scream FIRE! Everyone's going to run. You're flying on an airplane and someone screams BOMB! Everyone's going to become terrified. A girl is sitting next to her boyfriend and she tells him she's running late, he offers to get her a cab... You get where I'm going with this?

All the Liberal Media and the left have to do is say... "Remember George Bush? Romney's going to take us back there." And as much as I love Mitt Romney we all know it's an uphill battle to defeat an incumbent president, even one that has terrible polling numbers because at the end of the day, most of the voters in his party will come back to him. They would link Rice to Bush every way possible and it would eventually become Obama versus Bush which, I personally believe is why George W. Bush hasn't endorsed nor is campaigning.

It's not so much as Bush being the reason this country is in the state it is but rather the fact he was the President at the time it started to fall down the hill. It also doesn't help that whenever there's a problem, Liberals blame Bush. The solution to this is choosing a candidate for VP that is well known and well respected but has only enough experience to make him or her viable rather than venomous. This is why I believe Christie, Rubio, or a few others but they all have their negatives.

The only downside I see with Rubio is you will have birthers, just like there were with Obama. You will also have those arguing that he doesn't have enough experience, oh well. I think Marco Rubio has plenty of experience to play the part of Vice President and hopefully we see him fill that roll come this summer.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz... AGAIN...

First off, congratulations to Mitt Romney and the American public for the clean sweep of five states tonight that used their brains here in the North East. Now, onto the matter of the night...

I'm sitting here listening to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Bret Behr talk about the budget, mainly arguing over Obama's budget and Bret said that...
Bret -"Obama hasn't passed a budget..."
Debbie - "He has, but house republicans..."

That's when I almost put my foot through the television... Let's get this straight Mrs. Wasserman... Obama's vote was put down 414-0... That's 100% of those there that voted against it. I also would like to add that there are not 414 REPUBLICANS in the house.

Watch this... She's a moron. Her excuse, her pandering, is that she is a member of the Congressional House and not a member of the Senate so she has no clue what's going on there... THIS IS THE HEAD OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, SHE'S THE DEMOCRATIC CHAIRWOMEN...

Just watch this... http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/04/03/wasserman_schultz_not_true_harry_reid_wont_bring_obama_budget_to_vote.html 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Outstanding... The liberal media can find so little to complain about Romney now adays that they've had to attack him for multiple things. The other day I posted on Mitt Romney Express about how Mitt Romney was attacked for the way his jeans look... Things are just getting better and better in this election as you've got a man in office who is faltering daily and yet the media springs at comments about cookies. I have lost all faith in the media and am losing my faith in being an American.

Mitt Romney was reported as having said at a picnic table, "I’m not sure about these cookies,” Romney said, looking at the women and around the table. “They don’t look like you made them. Did you make those cookies? You didn’t, did you? No. No. They came from the local 7-Eleven bakery or wherever.” - Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/election-2012/post/does-mitt-romney-hate-cookies/2012/04/20/gIQAHYfdUT_blog.html. The problem I have with this is with all that's going on, the secret service investigations and the problems that are going on with this nation, how is this what is on the national scale?

This issue, the issue of what the other networks cover and don't cover, is one of the reasons that I don't take my news sources that seriously and just like reading a history book you have to understand there's three sides to everything. There's the two sides of both sides telling the story and then there's what actually happened, and of course we very rarely know what really happened. My girlfriends mother actually made a comment the other day when she told her I was watching Hannity, the remark was relatively harmless but it was one of astonishment that I watch programs like that. What am I supposed to watch? The media that has said Dick Cheney should drop dead, or the media that has all ready turned George Zimmerman into a guilty man without a trial? How about the media that is rooting for Obama, the senator that will turn this all around... Long story short, being a conservative libertarian I'm going to watch the news that lines up with my beliefs alot more than a news outlet that considers the Tea Party as terrorists and the Black Panther party as being the next civil rights movement.

There's too many issues in this country to have the liberal spun media outlets in the tank for the President. There's far too many issues in this country to turn the simple comment made about cookies into a national campaign against Mitt Romney. I'm growing tired of news outlets like the Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN, and the likes.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Boycott Maher

I personally am fed up with Bill Maher and because of it, I've canceled my HBO options through my cable company and am going to boycott every single company that he works with or even does an interview with. With that being said, we should all do the same. There is not a single show on HBO that is worth paying for so long as Bill Maher has his time to spread his vile hate speech against the right.

We've had to deal with the true crisis with women coming from a known feminist and lesbian Hilary Rosen and now we have to deal with Bill Maher who constantly attacks women on the right. The left would claim that he has nothing to do with their party, despite giving $1,000,000 to a PAC or the fact that he had been at one point invited to a dinner which, was then canceled after being put under the spotlight. It's time that we start playing the game the left has been playing for far too long.

Rush Limbaugh makes a comment that is relatively correct, only a slut gets paid to have sex, and a woman is asking for money to pay for her contraception... sounds a little more sane than say... ""No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job; I remember I was a handful," he said. "But you know there is a big difference between being a mother, and that tough job, and getting your ass out the door at 7 a.m. when it's cold, having to deal with the boss, being in a workplace, or even if you're unhappy you can't show it for eight hour." -Bill Maher.

Bill Maher is far from being a nobody when it comes to the left. He uses his show, which no one watches yet still somehow finds soundbites on the news which is another problem all together, to spew hate speech on the right. No one is saying he needs to be shut up, let him do what he wants... What I'm saying is, let him do it using his own money and not being paid by HBO to do it. The left has tried to draw blood by attacking companies that donate money to conservatives, it's time we strike back. They've attacked conservative radio hosts and tried to get their backers to pull out, let's strike back. 

I for one, will be boycotting HBO until they pull him from the air or he resigns and I advise that every conservative do the same. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What does Obama offer...?

Well, clearly not economic change and it's clearly not an America for business owners and stay at home moms. He also doesn't offer his secret service what Colombian prostitutes offer. Just hours ago it broke to the nation that a dozen secret service had been sent back home due to several agents engaging in misconduct. At least one of the agents had been involved in a situation where they didn't pay a prostitute leading up to said prostitute complaining to police.

This comes as a major issue because our President is there in Columbia and we need our secret service to protect him. Instead, amid several bomb blasts in the region you have his agents engaging in acts of 'misconduct'. This is another case of government corruption and moral debauchery which comes at a perfect time as we all seem to lose faith in our government. I cannot wait to hear the countless spins to this that will arise come Monday when the media starts working on it.

The full article can be read here. No doubt we're a laughing-stalk around the world as they make fun of those who instead of protecting the president would rather get topped off. Good job guys...: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/14/secret-service-agents-colombia-summit

War on Mom's

Let's talk about the so called "War on Women" that the left has been hollering on about. I would love to hear Ann Coulter's take on this, and having read Guilty, I think it's safe to say she isn't a fan of the recent attack on stay at home mothers.

I understand why some women get upset at stay at home moms, I really do. It's not that hard to understand from the feminist point of view that after all the work they put in that a woman would want to revert back to the days of staying home and watching the kids. That being said, it becomes hard to understand why they would attack a woman over it because after all, isn't it a choice? She wasn't forced to stay at home and watch the kids because Mitt Romney made her, she chose to do it.

The left has attacked the right over and over, beating this horse senseless over the fact that it's men that want to stop you from progressing. It's the right that doesn't want you to have birth control, or the ability to abort your child, they're against women's rights! It's laughable to say the least that if the issue in this nation right now is birth control and the ability to scramble one's unborn child into a frappe vacuum then we deserve to crash and burn.

I have friends from several ivy league schools and we often talk about the matters of life, debate over certain controversial issues in the world, and although we almost never agree there has been one thing that we have agreed upon and that's the decline of morality in this country. Ironically, the decline of morality is somewhat attributed to by the fact that families no longer have both parents at home. You have more children out of wedlock, more single parents, and families where both parents work to raise a child they had at an early age.

We also live in a world where we almost celebrate the idea of being a single mother and being on welfare, of being on food stamps or receiving federal aid. In the 70's it was a shame to be on welfare and you wouldn't speak of it where as now I can recall a girl in high-school several years back bragging about it. That's where this War on Women comes into play.

The Democratic party and those on the left want to do their best to ensure that they have votes. The best way to do this is to create victims. If you're a single mother with 11 kids by 7 different men, you're a victim and most definitely voting Democrat because they're giving you food stamps, welfare, and the ability to stay at home and continue your life. Let's think about this though, most 'victims' such as that aren't using contraception otherwise they wouldn't have so many children by so many different fathers so there goes the contraception issue. They also haven't expressed their freedoms as a woman by having the several children out of wedlock, so why would the Democrats make this an issue? Simply put, they're running out of victims.

The victim they tried to play was a Georgetown University soon to be lawyer who claims it costs $3,000 a year for contraception and it's a whole Summer's work. Let me be the first to say a pack of condoms does not cost $3,000 dollars. From first hand knowledge, a prescription of birth control for my girlfriend costs us about $30 a month, that's $360 a year. Then there's also condoms, which depending on the brand or where you go to get them, I've even purchased boxes of 48 for about $30 somewhat dollars... again, let's do the math. At $3,000 a year for contraception you're either having sex at an almost outlandishly amount, or you're too stupid to realize that birth control is far cheaper at your local Target, Rite-aid, CVS, Walmart, Stop and Shop, Shaws, Piggly Wiggly, Walgreens, or whatever store you frequent.

The other problem with their recent war on women is when you look at the statistics, their 18% gap in pay between men and women in the White House doesn't help. Let's also talk about how it tends to be those on the left attacking women the most than the right. When Hilary Clinton was running those on the left attacked her with sexist remarks where those on the right attacked her on topics of interest and positions.

There's definitely a big difference between the real war on women and the war on women that the left would hope that you believed in. The biggest point to this is recently with Hilary Rosen's comment that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life and doesn't understand the economy. I will try my best to refrain from lunging out and attacking Hilary Rosen personally, although I don't think it will fair well, because this just pisses me off. The idea that a stay at home mother doesn't understand the economy is offensive and proves that the left only cares about you when you can help promote the ideals of victomization.

A stay at home mother probably has more skills than most people out there. How do you juggle two kids at home while cleaning, cooking, laundry, various other levels of housework, scheduling between your husband and the kids, making sure your kids have a good upbringing and she's most likely the one making sure the bills are being paid, along with the fact that she is the one doing the shopping so she knows what she needs and what is in the budget for the family... I could trail on longer but there are so many tasks that if you were to put down that you were a stay at home mother for 24 years and they asked, "what skills do you have?" well you'd be overqualified for everything. If they asked me to put down my skills from my last job it would be a lot smaller than that of a stay at home mom.

The fact that she attacked her on this topic has come at a perfect time though because there will no longer be this war on women from the right. Obama is losing ground everywhere he can and now, he's losing mothers. Hilary Rosen also stated that she's a mother and she works as if this makes her a better mother than Ann Romneyor that she's subpar as a woman because she doesn't work... Let's look at this from one standpoint that most media outlets won't tell you... Hilary Rosen is an outspoken lesbian so it's not strange that she might view herself as a strong, independent woman but the problem is, so is Ann Romney.

Let's also dig a little deeper... Hilary Rosen is a working mother... but in 2003 she gave up her job to spend a little more time with her adopted twins and her partner, why that sounds like a stay at home mom to me! Also, she can't claim she didn't have the option to stay at home with her children due to needing to work because her and her partner are, lack of a better description, loaded when it comes to money. I'm going to cut this short but let me just state that Hilary Rosen has no right to speak for women because she obviously doesn't understand that not all women are the sheep that the left would hope for.

Attached here is a link that will bring you to a nice 10 things about Hilary Rosen because I'd rather not do an entire segment flaming her: Link

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cain Train VP Derailment - Part One

I'm going to break this into a few separate pages about my personal complaints with any of the pundits out there that say Herman Cain may be a potential Vice President selection to the Romney ticket. Let me first and foremost say you are nuts if you think that Herman Cain is an option for Vice President! Why do you ask? Let's get roasting because I've got a lot of peanuts in this bag.

Herman Cain can be remembered for several things through out his bid for the election. He can be remembered for 9, 9, 9 or having been the CEO of GodFather's Pizza. That tends to be how Conservatives, Republicans, people who were happy to vote for him, remember him as... Me personally, I would have happily voted for Herman Cain until the several gaffes that happened through out his campaign.

Let's talk about the first set of problems, the first set of gaffes. There were several moments through out the bid for the Presidency by the Cain Train that we were forced to hear him double back from his own comments. Even more than that it sounded like he didn't have a single clue when it came to foreign policy, something that in today's day and age scared a lot of people.

He did scare a lot of Liberals, not just because of how scary his foreign policy might have been, but because he didn't fit the Conservative body that they portray. Democrats and Liberals were up in arms that a black man could be running with an -R beside his name, yet alone that there was an individual who didn't play the victim card yet rather talked about how only in America could he have gone as far as he did. They were scared and it's obvious due to the derailment of the Cain Train on several scandals that had not been proven.

We heard about the first sexual harassment claim although confidentiality and the likes saved him from having to prove it didn't happen or whether it did happen. Then, a second claim, followed by a third claim, but my problem with this was that there wasn't actual proof on the matter. There wasn't a single claim that had substantial evidence that could be proved and yet all the media outlets ran continuously with the idea. Between sexual harassment and his own gaffes, there are several reasons that his campaign bid has ended but let's talk about him as the man.

When choosing a VP candidate you have to choose someone that can step into the position God forbid something happens to you as the President. You have to choose someone that will help you in some way and Herman Cain, despite being a lovable guy, he does have too many faults and not enough of a positive image to help Romney. Cain can't even help to bring in a swing state...

I'm going to end this with a campaign ad that Herman Cain actually ran!

What does this even mean...

Subscribe/Follow, part 2 will be coming soon as we continue to analyse Herman Cain and the magnitude of reasons he will not be a VP pick. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gingrich Blind?

As we know, Santorum recently stepped down from his run for the presidency. As recent as yesterday Newt Gingrich began to brag about the fact that he called this, that he would be the nominee had Romney not piled as much money on him in Iowa that he would have won the nomination. I'm sorry... but Newt Gingrich, are you freakin' blind?!?!?

Newt called for Santorum to step down several times while staying in the race himself. How are you behind and you call for the guy in front of you to step down? I'm not a Santorum supporter but I'm also not a moron when it comes to History and Politics. Then he has the audacity to say that Santorum's moment would come and he would outlast him. Well let me fill you in Newt... the reason Santorum got out, other than the abysmal debt he's running up, the sickness of his daughter, the fact he wasn't going to win, and the fact that he didn't want to lose his home state, to name a few... but he did not step down because he was afraid you'd win Newt.

Let's also talk about how... now you're saying that you believe you still have a chance? Would you like to talk about that large check you just bounced trying to qualify for Utah? You and your campaign are $4,000,000 in debt, why not suspend your own campaign and just quit while you're ahead? If you're all ready running a debt that's more of a reason not to vote for you because you can't even handle the bid for the nomination, yet alone the debt if you became the President.

I talked a lot of trash about Santorum but I'll give him this much, he has personal ethics despite a large mouth. I thought he was arrogant but goddamn Newt is so full of himself I now understand that that's not weight he's added in the past 40 years from eating but rather from his inflated ego. Crash and burn baby.

Santorum Suspension

Tuesday April 10th, Rick Santorum came out and announced that the road to the Presidency was over and that he was suspending his campaign. Honestly, I cried. (Not really.) The very fact that it took so long for Rick Santorum to step down blew my mind and now I am waiting for Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul to come out and announce the very same thing. 

In the next few days I expect Santorum's campaign managers and leaks to be a plenty as we anticipate the several reasons that Santorum has decided to suspend his campaign. If we read a few of my posts before we'll see there's several reasons Santorum should have stepped down and ended his bid for the Presidency a long time back, but unfortunately he hadn't, until now. 

With Santorum stepping down conveniently before he lost the primary in his home state, it does raise the question, will Santorum come out and endorse Romney now and if so will it truly mean anything? There's been so much bad blood between Santorum and Romney that it does raise the question, will Santorum ever be a voice in the Republican party again? And better yet, had Santorum even been a voice in the Republican party?

I don't believe Santorum will be a voice in the party, and I don't believe he's even on the VP short list, or even the longer version of the list. The only way Santorum may be considered for a position in the Romney administration will be if the RNC really pushes for it in hopes of clearing the air and putting some band-aid's on most of Santorum's wounds. I do believe an endorsement of Romney by either of the candidates will be genuine for he is a true candidate of change, he is a true leader, it is up to them to really step forward and energize their base for Romney and help make the case why Romney is the man that will reinvigorate this economy and will bring us back to the top where we should be. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Obama's Anti-White Backround

In 2008, America elected into the seat of Presidency a man who has clearly proven that he is for division of race. They clearly elected a man who was raised with a deep hatred towards whites. How do you sit in the pews of Jeremiah Wright and his racist ways and hatred towards America and become President? How do you claim you cannot disown him anymore than you can claim that you cannot disown your white grandmother? Better yet, why even bring her race into the matter except that you find fault with her being white.

Barack Obama ran as the first African American to become President. Despite he is half white, he doesn't mention that at all but rather just simply brushes off being black. You have a President that constantly seems to make reference towards "the white man" and yet he wonders why the growing tension between races in this country is rising. Watch this video... you'll cringe and yet you'll understand why people are beginning to feel that they need to arm themselves and protect themselves for a potential war of the classes and races due to the constant division in this country.

I'm not a religious person, but God save us all.

This video seems to shine some light on an issue that will no doubt be brought up come this November, and this January when Obama is defeated for the seat of the Presidency. I believe we will see a call to arms by groups such as the Black Panthers and the likes when Obama is defeated. They will claim that the election was rigged to ensure that Obama loses. They will claim that the "white man" is racist not because America has had a black President, but because they inevitably voted in a white man in place of the black man in the Presidency... if only Glenn Beck was still on television... I can picture the continuous rantings he would have on the matter...

Haley Shouldn't be VP

Nikki Haley was a Tea Party favorite when she ran for her position in South Carolina. Mitt Romney was one of the first politicians to come out and endorse her, to campaign with her, and frankly he has done such for many of the rising stars of the Republican Party. Mitt Romney will most likely be our next President, and he will definitely be our Republican Nominee for the Presidency.

The reason that Nikki Haley's name is being thrown around for VP is because she's a woman and that some people think that it would be similar to McCain picking Palin. Here's the first and foremost problem that I have with this comparison... John McCain and Mitt Romney are two totally different people and their similarities only go as deep as having ran for the Presidency. That is it.

Mitt Romney is a businessman turned Governor running for the Presidency. John McCain was a war hero turned politician in Arizona. Mitt Romney is fighting the battle that needs to be fought and that is the economy opposed to John McCain who was fighting the battle of foreign policy which, his VP did not have much experience on. I feel comparing Mitt Romney and the possible Nikki Haley to McCain/Palin does neither of them justice. Mitt Romney is well known, he has been vetted. Palin as much as some people may have loved hre, was a nobody because no Democrat cared to venture far enough to Alaska to ever do a story on her. Nikki Haley however has been in a more national spotlight.

You must think about what it was like when John McCain picked Palin, it was on the cusp of the election, just months away and Palin was not even an option in the eyes of most pundits or political attack dogs. The only reason she had been such a curve-ball was because she had not been vetted. Then when they did vet her they tore apart every aspect of her life from her pregnant daughter, her child with a disability and the fact that she had been in a beauty pageant. They attacked her every way possible and yet they were unable to dig up too much dirt on Mrs. Palin.

Nikki Haley is a much different story. All you have to do is type in her name on Google and you will see that her approval ratings have been dropping and that she is under investigation for tax fraud. She herself and various conservative blogs say that she is not but just go with me on this, how many people actually do the research to find out whether a story is true or not? Most Americans will make a quick decision by simply typing into Google, Nikki Haley and whatever pops up they'll make a decision within seconds.

The other issue that I have with Nikki Haley is that, Romney lost South Carolina even with her endorsement. Even worse, he lost it to Newt Gingrich. Why would we pull a governor who cannot even convince her own constituents as to why the guy she has endorsed is the right candidate to lead our country? She does not seem to have that much of a convincing personality. And she being of Indian decent, sure she'll keep the 8 Indian Republicans that are across the country (because we are at such a risk of losing them!) but there's this argument that she'll help bring back the women's vote.

Let me first tell you this is completely wrong. The idea that just simply running a woman as the VP will help the Republican party does not work. Independent women who are pro-choice are not going to change their mind simply because a woman has been chosen as a VP slot. Nikki Haley is not pro-choice so that is not going to help one bit. Nikki Haley also is not a victim so any woman that identifies with Barack Obama and the Liberal media will not be voting for a Republican ticket simply because we've chosen a woman.

There's also one final issue with the idea of running Nikki Haley as a VP choice and no I'm not talking about her abysmal approval ratings only 2 years into office. As a Vice President you need to be able to lead in the off chance that the President dies, is killed, ect., Could you honestly say that you would be willing to vote for Nikki Haley as President? We are in economic turmoil at the moment and Romney is running on the idea of fixing the economy. If anything, Nikki Haley will hurt him because Obama and the Democrats (I feel like it's a really terrible band name every time I say that.) will then have the same argument we all had with Palin because we had to defend her capacity to run the country if McCain was to pass on... Can we have that argument with Nikki Haley, a governor of a state like South Carolina, that she truly can govern an entire nation?

I think the best route for Romney to take is to take a curve-ball candidate with a clean record. The two choices that I personally would be ecstatic to vote for would be Romney/Rubio or Romney/Ryan. The reason I would say Romney/Rubio, he's young, he's been in office for a decent amount of time and he has a powerful roll as a speaker. His age might be something people argue against but he's a candidate that would rile up true conservatives. I cannot think of one reason as a conservative NOT to like Rubio and the only thing Democrats could try and hammer him on is his legality of being a citizen which, do they want to toot the horn of their Kenyan leader?

Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan for that matter, both stick to their guns when it comes to taking on opposition and they are both hated by Democrats because they are problem solvers. There are some politicians like Rick Santorum that I only ever hear about when he's stuck a well placed foot in his mouth. Then there are politicians like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan that are always fighting for what they believe in. Hell, we all know Paul Ryan as being the guy to push Grandma off the cliff!!! (If you're getting under liberals claws like that then you're doing something right.) Not to mention Paul Ryan recently has come up with a budget that, ironically, not a single Democrat voted for. This sounds like a partisan debate we can have come the election.

Paul Ryan is also from a state that we need to win this go around. Well, maybe we don't NEED to win it if we win some other strategically placed states, but it is a state that if we have a Wisconsin native running on the ticket it will help deliver the state to us.

There are so many names out there that are being thrown out that I'm starting to believe that pundits and other politicians have no idea what they're talking about. Run this person, run that person, this persons on the short list... I'm surprised I haven't heard Romney/Norris (yes the Chuck Norris) as an option for this upcoming election. Let's start gearing up for one hell of an election by not giving ourselves a handicapped ticket with someone like Nikki Haley.

Gingrich the Historian!!!

Newt Gingrich may be history soon. Sorry, I couldn't help but crack a pun at the idea of it becoming a three man race. (Technically a two man race, sorry Paul.) I'm sure Newt Gingrich spent his Easter weekend debating whether or not to drop out, and hopefully he's closer than he would like to acknowledge.

In a recent Fox News article they've pointed out his own realization as to the increasing amount of debt that his campaign and his run for the nomination has caused himself. The only true savior he may have now is to drop out of the race, back Romney and hope that Romney will pay off his debts. This brings us to the other large realization, Romney will be the candidate of the Republican Party. Anyone who does not see this yet is as blind as Stevie Wonder.

This brings us to a final question, a final topic at hand. Rick Santorum. Last week his daughter fell ill and originally I was hoping we would have word today that he was dropping out for it would have been the perfect time for him to drop out and to have made a decision. With his daughter being sick however, I can see how the campaign may be the last thing on his mind at the moment. Let's hope for the best with his daughter and let's hope that Rick Santorum and Newt both decide to give up and to back Romney, the true candidate for hope and change. (I feel so dirty saying that... Damn you Obama.)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jobless Claims 8.2%

What a wonderful day and age we live in. You have people committing suicide in Greece over unemployment and the debt... Here in America we are nearing 16 Trillion in debt. Just to give you an idea... that number is $16,000,000,000,000 and the best part about that is the fact that our unemployment rate for the month of March was just released. It's 8.2%.

Mathematically that means that we lost more jobs last month than were being created. This can be shown by the fact that Unemployment only lasts 99 Weeks. Obama has been in office 3 years, it's bound to happen that people can no longer collect so they eventually fall off of unemployment. This hurts me to think about though because when it comes down to it, no one wants to know that their country is failing yet alone unable to provide for the people that live within it.

This means that the main issue is and will still be by the time the election happens, the Economy. This idea that you can rally women by creating a war on them, and a war on gays, a war on caterpillars is disgusting. The main issue in this country is the economy and it needs to be fixed. Simple as that. I cannot wait to cast my vote for Mitt Romney in November and help pave the way for our economy to rise from the ashes and for America to become the greatest country on Earth again.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Hypocrisy

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, is a confusing woman. In 2011 she states that Republicans want to drag this country back to the days of the Jim Crow laws, now she states that she never said that. Unfortunately Ms. Schultz but, you did say it, literally, if I might add. 

I for one am personally tired of the fact that the left is the first to inject race into a political matter. If Republicans are afraid of people not showing an I.D. to vote but you have to show an I.D. to buy a Rated M game at Target, you have to show an I.D. to rent a hotel room, you have to show an I.D. to cash a check, to open a bank account, to buy alcohol, cigarettes, to see a movie that's rated R. Unless you're a social nobody that absolutely never leaves their house it is impossible to say that you don't have a state I.D. or a Drivers License. 

The fact that this claim that "blacks" don't have I.D.'s and that it disenfranchises blacks from voting... Statistically most blacks don't vote anyways. Statistically most of the people that you claim this disenfranchises are the ones that most likely aren't voting in general. If you refuse to go out and get a state I.D. then I find it ironic that you expect them to go out and stand in line to vote. But now, here's the very woman that blames the Tea Party and the Right for Gabriel Giffords having been shot. Where does she get the nerve...

So Debbie Wasserman-Schultz also recently has stated that recently on the issue about whether Obama will attack Romney on him being Mormon, that it's a ridiculous question and that maybe Republicans should look inward as this is something they would do. Now Debbie, let's be serious here...

Let's look at some facts...
FACT: You stated Republicans wanted to bring us back to the days of Jim Crow Laws.
FACT: It was Southern Democrats that did not want to force Segregation.
FACT: It was the South that did not want to free the slaves and a Republican that freed them, crazy.
FACT: Democrats were the ones who enacted the Jim Crow Laws (Debbie, aren't you a Republican in the South? Shouldn't we LITERALLY be scared of you instead of Republicans who simply want EVERYONE to show an ID?)
FACT: You're the one who injected race into the topic of voter registration I.D. cards.

So Debbie, before you put your foot in your mouth like you inevitably do every time you come onto a program, please, just stop talking. I look forward to donating to WHOEVER runs against you in Congress.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Moron

This is going to be a hard topic and I've been wanting to write about her so badly over the past few months. There's not a single nice thing I can say about her and it's going to be extremely hard to not go into a lengthy attack on her personally because she's just a walking, talking, liberal zombie that has absolutely no idea of how partisan and idiotic she sounds.

Just a bit of proof as to what I mean, listen to this clip of her and Chris Wallace arguing on the topic of Mitt Romney.

I'm going to first call on you all to read this. Just listen to her words because she is the definition of a moron. She attacks Mitt Romney on the topic of him being a CEO of a company that buys out another company in hopes of turning them around, where Obama is the head of the country and uses money to buy companies that fail... Why... that sounds like exactly the same thing only one man did it in the Private sector with his own money, the other did it with OUR MONEY.

Now let's continue to look at Mrs. Schultz over here who likes to toot her own horn. She doesn't seem to be making her point clear in here except for the fact that she is very partisan. I also have a hard time taking ANY news show seriously. when they have her on the air because it's just constant, vile, hate speech towards the right.

I am calling on everyone to donate, despite whether you live in Florida or not, to donate to whoever chooses to run against her whether it's a Democrat or a Republican. On the topic of being mindless, I guess she did say one thing that was correct in this video, listen carefully when Chris Wallace asks a question about the President and she leads off with, "Romney..." At least she's smart enough to know Obama is a one term President!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thank Gingrich for Not Being An Angry Little Girl...

Tuesday was an amazing day for people in the Romney campaign and those of us who are frightened about where our country is heading. My own personal story is I am 20 years old and I'm looking for work, mainly in the Retail/Technical world being I'm not through with College. I dropped out at a young age, I remember how hard it was to find a job back then and complaining about how no one would hire me because of my age. Now, it's still the same, despite having four years of full time employment experience, retail, technical, customer service, and a year of college under my belt. Nonetheless, the solution is simple; elect Mitt Romney.

There's not a doubt in my mind when I say I'm behind Mitt Romney. Never has my allegiance nor my will faltered when it has come to Mitt Romney and that is because I know that we have come to a time where we need to let Politicians sit in the backseat and allow a businessman to take the helm. Mitt Romney is a businessman. Look at what we've got now sitting in the seat of the Presidency having a community organizer. There's nothing better than turning on the news and seeing race relations starting to recede, nothing like seeing the war on Women, or the war on Gays, or the multi-wars on Religion. I want to turn on the television and see the war on Debt. That's the only thing every American has in common, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Vegetarian, College Student, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist, Jedi, or Sith... We all suffer because of this deficit.

Yes, I know, this has nothing to  do with Newt Gingrich, I'm getting there. Hold on! Anyways, there's not a single doubt in my mind, nor many Americans right now that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee for the Republican Party. That is a given. Now the question is about the ease of setting this in stone. That is where I call upon you all to thank Newt Gingrich. I am not too worried about Newt getting out any longer because he hasn't been attacking Mitt in the spotlight he had been. I look forward to Newt Gingrich backing Romney and I cannot wait to see him become a political attack dog on the Obama administration come this Summer.

In recent days, mainly the past day, Santorum staffers and backers of him have called for Gingrich to leave the race and give his delegates to Santorum. Thank you Newt Gingrich for saying no! For once you've said no. You hadn't said no to the first staffer you slept with on your first wife, nor the second, but finally the word no has entered your vocabulary. Rick Santorum is bad for the party, he's leaving a stain on what little credibility people may have about the two parties. There is a reason that Americans have unfavorable views on the US Government at the moment. We elect you, and once you're in office you forget about your promises, you forget about your constituents, only until it's time for a re-election in which case you then start back tracking and getting back to why you could and couldn't do certain things.

This is a simple rant. A single whisper in the pool of voices that are not only excited for November, but excited to take this country back.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Personal Update - America's Health Care Debate

I would like to apologize to any fans or faithful watchers for not having an update the past few days. Please believe me when I say it was hard going without internet on my laptop especially with three major primaries happening on Tuesday. Let me take this moment to thank each and every one of you has helped to pave the way for Mitt Romney on his road the the Presidency.

I would, oddly enough, like to give a shout out to another individual who has helped Romney and that is Rick Santorum. The reason I say he has helped, if Rick Santorum were a serious candidate he would not have so many feet in his mouth rather he would be talking about the 'issues' and not enlightening us upon his issues.

Rick Santorum is a family man. He is a strong Catholic. He is a conservative. He endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008. The problem is... Rick Santorum is also a hot headed, loud mouthed moron who will be remembered as the man that cost us the election if we lose in November. Had he stepped out maybe, 200 of Mitt Romney's delegates ago, Romney would be collecting money for a general primary run right now and not collecting money to beat Santorum in what appears to be an uncontested race now.

Rick Santorum should be considered a VP on Obama's ticket this run around, it would be perfect.

Now on to the real issue of the day. President Barack Obama had made reference to "activist judges" which is ironic because we've been talking about that for almost forty years now. He made reference that these people who are not elected, who are in for life, get to shoot down a law that has been passed constitutionally.

Really? Is that so Mr. President? Then let us talk about the Constitutionality of the very law you claim to pass. Let us talk about HOW you passed the law huh? Let us talk about how NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OR SENATE HAS READ IT IN IT'S ENTIRETY. It took Ted Kennedy dying to get a Republican in the Senate in Massachusetts. Out of fear the health care fiasco, this terrible bill that has it's constitutionality being questioned, was passed as swiftly as Democrats could get it shoved down our throat.

The issue I personally have... I really do enjoy the idea of a voucher system. We at the moment are completely and utterly broke. We are on the verge of bankruptcy and yes, I would love to give everyone Health Care so let me tell you how I would personally run the issue if I were a President/Politician drafting the bill that I think would serve Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats.

First off, any bill that is more than 50 pages in length is too complex and needs to be brought down. I personally would like the most compact, simplistic way of doing things. I believe a voucher system and the ability to let Health Care compete against state lines would not only lower the price of Health Care but allow people to choose their own health care by picking an insurance company. Give them the ability to use a voucher that gives the insurance companies x amount of money each year on that individual.

I'm not entirely sure how much money we spend a year on individuals who are uninsured that go to the doctors or hospital but I would be willing to say that if the Government were able to give each individual a check that could not be traded, that could not be given to anyone but a health care provider/insurance company, that we would be able to lower costs. This would also help companies because a company that is no longer paying out for health insurance for an employee now has more money to hire more employees.

This circle of logic is amazing. The bill could even be written under a page. Real simple. "Each U.S. citizen shall hereby be presented $2,500 in the form of a Health Care wager and will therefor be able to shop for their own Health Care." And the best part, there are insurance companies in each state that for individuals costs less than this. When I was paying for Health Care it was $900 a year. If an individual like myself who very rarily goes to the doctor's then hands in the voucher and the company is only billing $900, the government now has an additional $1,600 left. They can either give it all to the insurance company or they can simply let it sit and collect interest/money.

No political party wants to say individuals shouldn't have insurance. No political party wants to say, "We'd rather you lose your home, your job, and children's financial assets than to save yourself from cancer." The reason politicians pick certain battles are exactly the way they're put to task in their bills. I challenge you, pick a Politician and look at their track record, see why they said no on certain bills that made you think that maybe they're a flip flopper. Some Politicians will blatantly tell you, "I would vote for it had it not been for this one line." Sometime's Politicians will slide an earmark into a bill.

Now the reason the Obamacare is unconstitutional is it forces the US Citizens to purchase a product. Those that refuse to purchase this product are liable to pay a tax, or a penalty, depends on what the complaints of the day tend to be whether it's a tax or a tax penalty. We all know what it really is though, it's unconstitutional and it will be overturned.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Santorum's War on the Media

Newt Gingrich instantly became a front runner when he attacked the media. To his credit, it was a very successful move. Now it appears that Santorum is attempting to attack the media, only, I don't think he realizes he's attacking the wrong one.

It started a few months ago when Drudge Report pulled up a speech about Santorum to a religious group back in 2008 talking about Good and Evil. Santorum criticized Drudge Report for doing such. Now this isn't a matter of whether or not they support Mitt Romney or whether they don't approve of Santorum, it's about doing what's right.

At the moment we have FOUR candidates running for the nomination of the Republican Party. One of which you can disqualify immediately because as much as Ron Paul has some good policies, he doesn't have a chance. Now we move onto Newt Gingrich, you'd have to be bat shit crazy to vote for him. The next candidate is Santorum who, he and Gingrich refuse to pull out of the election. It is hard to believe that Santorum doesn't seem to understand why lead Republicans and Republican oriented media may be being harsh on him. Both he and Gingrich should have been out of the race after Super Tuesday.

Santorum has in recent days attacked Drudge Report, criticizing them for their Pro-Romney support. He also at a recent stop had some words to say to the people in the hometown of Fox News' Greta Van Susteren.

Why he would attack Greta is beyond me, she's the only person in the Media who still treats him like he's a SOMEBODY. This is getting ridiculous... Link to this video via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh0sbXhSWb4

It's not going to work Mr. Santorum... You don't attack the media for informing Americans on your failed attempt at running for President. Sorry!

Pakistan - What a Great Friend...

There goes a saying With Friends like them who needs Enemies or something along that point. America has many allies, or so we think at least. One of our mighty allies in the middle east is Pakistan... I know, I know, I'm trying not to laugh that the thought of that either.

How can Pakistan, a country that not only held one of the most ruthless, vile, disgusting, heathens in the world in their backyard without knowing? Or better yet, why would they get angry at us for scooping in and ridding the world of the parasite that is Osama Bin Laden? Considering the way they run their nation it may be time to just rid ourselves of this so called ally.

I'm not even going to mention the fact that Pakistan has complained about various incidents in the region... instead I'd rather talk about the fact that today Pakistan, and by today just moments ago, has sentenced Osama Bin Laden's widows and relatives that were staying in Pakistan illegally, to 45 days in jail. Isn't that brilliant?! What a strong legal system, what an act of justice, sentencing his family who was privy to the crimes he's committed to only 45 days in prison.

It sounds like the Bin Laden family is getting the Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton treatment. Simply outstanding.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Santorum's Impending Implosion

I will go on to say like I have countless times over the past few years by saying Rick Santorum is a ticking time bomb. Before he ran for the nomination in the Republican Party I feel like the only time I ever heard his name in the media was about a failed policy, an absurd statement, or some controversial foot in the mouth moment but all are results of his thick headed, idiotic, loose comments and lack of thought. I feel like whenever he speaks the word he truly means to say escape him and he must have tourette's syndrome for he blurts out, especially in the past two weeks, whatever he can to hurt his own chances.

It could also be that Rick Santorum is such a genius that rather than bow out and look like he's a "Team Player" like he had been years ago he is actually trying to sabotage his own campaign. That is the only thing that comes to mind when I read about his most recent, political blunder and foot in mouth and possibly in arse statement.

Rick Santorum's recent blunder consists of a favored son of Wisconsin, a certain Paul Ryan. Santorum is like a highschool girl scorned by a date that stood her up for a better candidate for the Senior Prom. I say this because, and I'll quote a portion of the article and link to the rest so that you can read it, "On Saturday, it became very clear that Santorum was unhappy with Ryan's endorsement when his endearing reference of Ryan being ‘a great Wisconsinite’ had changed.  During Santorum’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition he referred to Ryan as some other Wisconsinite, as he talked about Ryan’s tax reform plans. " -RIGHT SPEAK: Another Santorum Tantrum )
Before I get into bashing Santorum some more, if those of you reading this don't all ready understand I am a Romney supporter. I have donated not only money, time, and personally have voted for him in his campaign for the nomination. I'm just giving a full disclosure here. Now with that being said, back to the remarks of this scorned girl, I mean Rick Santorum.

I feel like it was just weeks ago that Paul Ryan was one of the most coveted endorsements and his name has been thrown around as a potential VP choice since the first straw polls in Ohio. The very fact that Santorum can go from, "a great Wisconsinite" to "some other Wisconsinite" is not only degrading to Paul Ryan but is also petty. There has been so much bad blood between this guy that even Newt Gingrich is starting to seem like a more logical choice of Santorum (and we all know the problems with Newt.).

Every day I turn on my tv and flip through to a specific news channel, I turn on my computer and I read my tweets and email. The various emails that I receive always have something bad to say about someone's past but with Santorum it's normally something from his past, as in an hour in the past... It's actually rather sad.

Romney and the Wisconsin Response

The Wisconsin Republican Primary is only a few days away and former Governor Mitt Romney has received multiple endorsements this week that will no doubt have pushed him closer to winning this election and hopefully, closer to the Presidency. One of the questions that comes with these endorsements is, why now? 

Well the answer to that is simple enough, why not? Wisconsin moved their primary up from where it normally would have been. This means that not only is it rare for Wisconsin to make a difference but this election in it's own has been different for most of the states were proportional. This means that whoever got X amount of the vote would also receive X amount of the delegates up for state from that state. 

This is different in comparison to Wisconsin which is a winner takes all state. Rick Santorum just weeks ago was leading Romney in Wisconsin which is a relatively blue collar state. The endorsement from Marco Rubio comes at a crucial time for Mitt Romney and it will help him capitalize on the failing campaigns of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. 

This week alone Newt Gingrich has let go of 1/3rd of his staff, and his campaign staff manager. He swears that this will help him on his path to the nomination but the problem that many see here is that the Republican party is at odds with themselves. As a precursor, Newt Gingrich has also said that he expects Rick Santorum and himself will welcome Mitt Romney as the nominee with open arms if he can get to that magic delegate count. What I, nor many others who are watching this campaign, can understand is why are you even dragging this race out? Why doesn't Newt and Rick Santorum just back out now and give Mitt Romney the nomination. (We all know he's going to be the nominee.)

Marco Rubio endorsing Mitt Romney when he did, shortly after Rick Santorum's rant about his words being taken out of context and something about bullshit, comes at a pivotal time. Rick Santorum has been referenced as before, a hot head. He has at various times fueled the argument by many on the left that we stick to our religion and that's that. He is a terrible candidate. Religion is not supposed to be forced upon someone else and you can see that with Mitt Romney, he doesn't force Mormonism on us.

When Mitt Romney was governor of my state her in MA he didn't force candy taxes the way our current governor has contemplated, same with soda, we now have a new tax on beer, which for Mitt Romney would have been easy things to do because as a Mormon he doesn't like taking anything that would effect the human body such as sugar, caffeine, tobacco, ect., If Rick Santorum was not so radical he might have had a chance, but now with all these key endorsements coming out it helps to play with the fact that Romney can energize the base. 

The best endorsement right now for Mitt Romney is the endorsement of Congressmen Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. This is a big endorsement, maybe even bigger than that of Marco Rubio and the only reason I say that is Rubio did not endorse when Romney was running for Florida or even Puerto Rico which it may have helped to sway it a little more. Paul Ryan endorsed a little under a week of the Wisconsin Primary which does help to shape those who take what their legislators recommend at face value. This also is great for those people who are on the fence and really like Paul Ryan and hearing him back Romney over Santorum, it does show that Santorum's credibility is gone. 

Mitt Romney has stated he believes he is going to win the Wisconsin Primary. At the moment, Romney has estimated 565 delegates. He is almost halfway there to the 1,144 needed to win the nomination. The District of Columbia and Maryland also have primaries on Tuesday and Mitt Romney is expected to win all of them bringing him closer to the nomination. Then later on in the month states like Connitecut, New York, and Rhode Island are all projected to go to Mitt Romney with Pennsylvania being a large toss up state.

Here's to hoping, best wishes Governor Romney!