Monday, April 9, 2012

Obama's Anti-White Backround

In 2008, America elected into the seat of Presidency a man who has clearly proven that he is for division of race. They clearly elected a man who was raised with a deep hatred towards whites. How do you sit in the pews of Jeremiah Wright and his racist ways and hatred towards America and become President? How do you claim you cannot disown him anymore than you can claim that you cannot disown your white grandmother? Better yet, why even bring her race into the matter except that you find fault with her being white.

Barack Obama ran as the first African American to become President. Despite he is half white, he doesn't mention that at all but rather just simply brushes off being black. You have a President that constantly seems to make reference towards "the white man" and yet he wonders why the growing tension between races in this country is rising. Watch this video... you'll cringe and yet you'll understand why people are beginning to feel that they need to arm themselves and protect themselves for a potential war of the classes and races due to the constant division in this country.

I'm not a religious person, but God save us all.

This video seems to shine some light on an issue that will no doubt be brought up come this November, and this January when Obama is defeated for the seat of the Presidency. I believe we will see a call to arms by groups such as the Black Panthers and the likes when Obama is defeated. They will claim that the election was rigged to ensure that Obama loses. They will claim that the "white man" is racist not because America has had a black President, but because they inevitably voted in a white man in place of the black man in the Presidency... if only Glenn Beck was still on television... I can picture the continuous rantings he would have on the matter...

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