Friday, March 30, 2012

They Want Dick Cheney Dead...

There's nothing more upsetting than the disrespect we have for our leaders in this country. I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat, Religious or whatever, you need to treat your leaders with respect. The ability of Freedom of Speech gives you the ability to say whatever but a moral upbringing and mutual respect for your leaders would normally stop you from saying certain things. This is not the case for the people at Media Matters and many others on the internet...

A great example of the way people attack our leaders, and especially those on the right is NewsBeast or BeastTV... whoever the hell they are right? They're nobodies and this is the first time I've heard of them and that's only because of the vile filth that these people spewed in this conversation...

These individuals are just complete pinheads and calling Cheney vile and making the comments they did about whether or not they would have donated a body part to him... They also made reference as to, "Did he cheat?" The guy waited almost two years for a heart transplant and he's a Vice President of the United States of America. Give the guy some goddamn credit.

I guess when it comes down to it they didn't come out as bad as some people. People in the past have stated that Cheney should just have his heart ripped out of his chest and stomped on. At least Huffington Post did a relatively decent job and they did try their best to keep from partisanship in this article speaking about the Transplant. (Link here:  Heart Transplant)

I don't know when individuals will show some more respect to our politicians and our leaders, despite whether you agree with them wishing death on someone is something that shouldn't happen.

Just another great example and hypocrisy in America. Imagine if a conservative said this about Joe Biden or about a former VP? Everyone in the left leaning media would attack them... I think it's time we on both sides show more respect for our Presidents, VP's, ect.,

America's #1 again!!!

We are all raised with the knowledge that America is number 1. It's not a belief, it's a fact and today we have received word that it is indeed true. Japan is lowering their taxes on businesses which places America as the nation with the highest tax on business. Let's use some common sense, why would everyone ship their jobs to cheaper companies and not do business here?

What does the lower corporate tax mean in Japan? Well Japan as a nation has more jobs than they do people to fill those jobs. However, moving jobs there might mean an open push for them to loosen their immigration just a bit which would help their population grow and increase the amount of revenue coming into Japan. But what does this mean for America?

Well now that America is #1, go America!, we have a very serious question at hand... The global economy is in disarray and without a fix to not only our nations deficit but the ailing economy that we ourselves have then there is a huge chance that we will see more jobs start to flee because our Corporate Tax Rate is so high.

“The president, by putting the 28 percent rate on the table as part of what they call a framework, made a helpful contribution to this whole debate," Mr. Engler said at a Monitor-hosted breakfast for reporters on Thursday. But, he added, "We don’t think that goes low enough.”

On the Republican side, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney  has proposed a 25 percent corporate tax rate, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich  favors reducing the rate to 12.5 percent. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum  has called for cutting the rate in half and exempting manufacturers." (Taken from, link here: Lower Corporate Tax )

Things are getting bad and they'll only get worse. We need to ensure that we lower the taxes upon our corporations and give them the ability to open more jobs to people. Just this week Bestbuy has announced a massive lay off and closing of stores, this may not sound too terrible but, Borders was a company we all grew up with and now Bestbuy is starting to find itself hurt in this economic crisis.

It's time we take back this country. It's time we give future generations in this country the freedom and prosperity promised by our forefathers.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Since day one of the Republican Primary Mitt Romney has been spoken as as the front runner. There have been various candidates who have been looked at and at one point leaded within the polls but they immediately fell back into place under the powerhouse that is the Romney campaign. Some of you may argue whether he is the perfect candidate, or whether he is a candidate that should even be running, or whether you know a better candidate to send as a nominee against the current President. Despite what you may think you know, there is an aura of inevitability about Mitt Romney and every poll, every individual in the RNC and every figurehead understands Mitt Romney will be the nominee.

The question then becomes, why is Newt Gingrich still running? Why is Rick Santorum still running? The answer, they would rather destroy their party and the chance of an American century than to allow Romney to beat them. It's ridiculous that they can both admit that they will not win and yet they would rather bring this to the Republican National Convention and duke it out there. 

In 2008, Mitt Romney gracefully bowed out to John McCain to better his chance against whoever won the Democratic Nomination. Well now it is truly Mitt Romney's chance to shine. Less than 48 hours ago Marco Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney and today it was followed by an official endorsement from George H. W. Bush. It is also rumored that Paul Ryan may endorse and it was leaked, thankfully there's a link to the story. (Link here: Paul Ryan Endorsement)

Marco Rubio will be a great candidate if chosen to become Vice President of the United States and I do believe it will greatly increase Mitt Romney's chances at beating President Barack Obama. I would be willing to also go for a Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket though my preference is on Rubio. I also would be interested to see if Barack Obama chooses a different VP candidate being Joe Biden doesn't really energize the base. As much as I hate to give out some suggestions to the other side... An Obama/Hilary ticket might really energize the base and coalesce some women. 

Nonetheless, let's get back to the topic of Inevitability. Mitt Romney as a Republican Candidate for the nomination, it is inevitable he will win and the fact that we have two candidates (I do not count Ron Paul as a candidate, sorry.) attempting to sabotage his chances or to go down as the biggest pair of cry babies.

The very reason I say that they are the biggest pair of cry babies is Newt Gingrich blames his falling poll numbers through out the campaign on the 'Elitest Media' and not the fact that people may prefer the 'Massachusetts Moderate' over a guy who has had three wives, has said some radical things and shoved more than just a foot in his mouth and that's to say the least. Let's also talk about the fact that Newt Gingrich also plays the part of an attack dog well but he looks frazzled when someone attacks him and actually strikes a blow. 

Santorum on the other hand is just... too arrogant and too hot headed for me to ever willingly vote for whether it be a primary, a senate seat, a congressional seat, or anything of the likes. A great example is if you read the post a few days back about Rick Santorum you'll easily see why I do not like him as a person, yet alone as a potential candidate for the Presidency.

I hope we as a party can just coalesce behind Mitt Romney before the convention and attack the real foe at hand, the President. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Flexibility... While In Line for 99 Weeks Unemployed!!!

I want to first say, I like many others, did not want to see a single failed policy by this President or any other President of the United States for that matter... No one wants to see their leader, their country, or the strength of their homeland ever fall or falter. Every US Citizen knows of the Cold War however the exact definition is far different for every person.

Some see the Cold War as a war between the East and West, others between Capitalism and Democracy against Communism. For the most part, this war ended over twenty years ago and there's no reason to be worried in the modern day and age of 2012, right? Wrong. Recently Vladimir Putin has been re-elected and will once again be the President of Russia. There is also the most recent threats and off the record but luckily enough on the microphone comments to truly have an idea as to what is coming.

President Obama took a trip around the world when he first got into office to apologize for America. Mr. President, let me be the first to tell you that you should not be apologizing for us! The apologizing and the inability to stand up and make a decision in a manner that shows you understand that America needs to continue being a world super power is obviously not there due to the fact that November 23rd, 2011 Russia threatened to target US Defense Positions with Nukes!!!

How in the world a leader, and a country, would be not only willing to continue trading with a country threatening us with nuclear weapons and not to make any noise at the United Nations in terms of these massive, cataclysmic threats... Could you imagine if Russia launched a nuke over a shield? It would no doubt be blown away and cause an aftermath in Europe also called World War 3... Maybe I'm just paranoid over the fact that these threats were also made under the Medvedev administration, could you imagine what Putin, who has said himself that he will bring Russia back to the spotlight by giving it a military it hasn't witnessed in over 25 years?! (Link to the threats in November: Nuclear Threats are So Clear! )

Now, four months later we have almost the same exact threats and a validation that Putin is indeed going to reclaim the Presidency in Russia. If this does not become a forefront to fight the Democrats come this next election than I've lost all faith in the Republican Party because this is easily one of the most frightening things of our time. The fear of Iran and North Korea getting a nuke might be scary but to me, the fear of Russia which all ready has nukes and is ready and willing to deploy them, that makes me shit my pants in fear. (Article to recent Defense Missile Threats: Strike 2 Mr. President )

If you have not all ready shit yourself with the fear of Russia threatening our defensive systems with nukes and with the enevitable war that would come from such a feat, then how about the President saying he would be more flexible once he's re-elected when it comes to the missile defense system. Now by more flexible I'm hoping that doesn't mean, "I'll be able to pull every defense system and soldier out of the world and put them back in the US." because frankly this is getting ridiculous. Had it been President Barack Obama in the 1980's we would most likely have a divide in Germany between Communist and Capitalist, the Cold War would still be as strong as ever, and Sadam Hussein would be ruling Iraq still.

The link to a news article detailing the situation between the current President's of the United States and Russia: Obama's Flexibility. We live in frightening times... The Obama administration wants to take your guns, to cause civil unrest, class warfare, division between the races, to widen the gap between middle class and the other two classes, to raise the debt, to increase foreign dependence in every manner, to promote green technology which is failing in it's own glory, and to ensure that America is the most hated country around the World. There's nothing more frightening than the foreign policies this administration has employed... Well maybe one thing, a second term of course.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rick Santorum for... President? Really?!

2008 was a year where there was no incumbent President that was up for re-election. It was a year in which the Republicans had to run on some of the policies that many did not agree with from the Bush administration and a failing economy, a housing bubble crunch and terrible gas prices. Republicans coalesced early behind McCain as the Democrats fought a long hard battle between then Senator Hilary Clinton and then Senator Barack Obama. It is ironic to say that that fight most likely helped them to win the Presidency. (That and among many other things that maybe we can all rant about at a later time.)

This is needless to say not the scenario we are in at the moment. Republicans are in their own long struggle to find a single candidate that we can all unify behind. The question is, have we all ready found the candidate?

Former Governor Mitt Romney is by far the best man to run against Obama, despite what former Senator Santorum would argue. Rick Santorum ironically enough endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008 when he was running for President. Rick Santorum, ironically enough, in 2008 said that he was the most conservative in the race. Rick Santorum ironically enough says he doesn't flip flop or change with the times... or does he?

Well the year is 2012 and now Rick Santorum is at the forefront calling on Mitt Romney's lack of being a conservative. How can you call him conservative in 2008 and not in 2012? Now let's take a look here at who Rick Santorum is... the Senator who endorsed Arlen Specter (great judge of character Rick) and also brought home his own share of pork barrel to PA.

For a man that says he doesn't change with the times, Senator Rick Santorum did a lot of 'team work' or as he refered to himself as  being a, 'team player', during the Bush Administration and in response he blatantly said that he did at times what was best for the team. Well I find it ironic that you can do what is best for the team several years ago and today you would rather destroy your party's chance at winning the Presidency. Rick Santorum is a walking soundbite, he's his own worst campaign ad. There's nothing better that President Obama would like to do than go against Rick Santorum because he won't even have to spend money on putting together ads, you just have to loop together a bunch of Rick Santorum speeches and watch as Republicans and Democrats alike have their mouths drop in astonishment that an individual like this could even run.

Let's talk a few examples as to what a candidate Rick Santorum does to the Republican Party if, I know it's a nightmare and thankfully statistics and numbers show us he has little of a chance, Rick Santorum does get the candidacy.

  • Rick Santorum will alienate the independents and Libertarians, myself included, because we do not want the radical social changes that would come with a Rick Santorum Presidency. 
  • It is safe to say that he will lose any chance of coalescing any blacks towards his cause with the various soundbites and attack ads that can be, rightfully so, taken against his campaign and him as a person. Rick Santorum has said before, "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money; I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money." Granted this is taken slightly out of context but most Americans will not do the research to actually see where the context came from. (Link for the full article here: Santorum's Foot in his Mouth V1)
  • Santorum rather recently has said that Puerto Ricans should speak English. They all ready do. It is taught in schools and is one of two languages spoken there along with Spanish. This will help him to get the Latino vote which the Republican party will need to beat Obama. (Read this for the full article: Foot in mouth 2)
  • Rick Santorum also has a lot of baggage with women and for the most part independent women will most likely not coalesce behind him either. He essentially said he didn't want to put women in a combat role because there could be scenarios because of their emotions. Well that'll sound great as a soundbite running through a loop won't it? (Full article here: Foot in Mouth 3)
There's so much more we can keep going on about but I'll be here for a week if I was to throw every clip, and a link to just every scenerio up. The other issue that I see that could happen here is it takes one wrong run in with a reporter on the campaign trail and for him to become a hothead, which he has just done recently, and it makes you wonder why would you throw away your vote by voting for him?

This definitely is not the guy I would want to run for President...

Disclaimer: The reason I placed liberal leaning media news outlets as the foot in his mouth, it does no good explaining the spin that would be placed on a Rick Santorum presidency or candidacy if you are not reading what the opposition would write.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let's get Started

First off, a lot of what I say on this blog will no doubt be controversial, provacative, and will hopefully do it's best to get everybody angry. That is the root, in my opinion, to fixing a lot of the ailments that we all face. So many people are unwilling to have an open discussion without getting into a fist fight about one of many topics... Such as Religion, Politics, Sexuality, and the likes and unfortunately they always tie back into one another.

You can't express your opinion without someone going, "I just want to punch him the #*%@ out!" and honestly it is good that some people feel that way when others speak so long as someone isn't doing it for the simple fact of trolling.

Let's get things started then? I'll be posting my first rambling complaint later on tonight.