Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Flexibility... While In Line for 99 Weeks Unemployed!!!

I want to first say, I like many others, did not want to see a single failed policy by this President or any other President of the United States for that matter... No one wants to see their leader, their country, or the strength of their homeland ever fall or falter. Every US Citizen knows of the Cold War however the exact definition is far different for every person.

Some see the Cold War as a war between the East and West, others between Capitalism and Democracy against Communism. For the most part, this war ended over twenty years ago and there's no reason to be worried in the modern day and age of 2012, right? Wrong. Recently Vladimir Putin has been re-elected and will once again be the President of Russia. There is also the most recent threats and off the record but luckily enough on the microphone comments to truly have an idea as to what is coming.

President Obama took a trip around the world when he first got into office to apologize for America. Mr. President, let me be the first to tell you that you should not be apologizing for us! The apologizing and the inability to stand up and make a decision in a manner that shows you understand that America needs to continue being a world super power is obviously not there due to the fact that November 23rd, 2011 Russia threatened to target US Defense Positions with Nukes!!!

How in the world a leader, and a country, would be not only willing to continue trading with a country threatening us with nuclear weapons and not to make any noise at the United Nations in terms of these massive, cataclysmic threats... Could you imagine if Russia launched a nuke over a shield? It would no doubt be blown away and cause an aftermath in Europe also called World War 3... Maybe I'm just paranoid over the fact that these threats were also made under the Medvedev administration, could you imagine what Putin, who has said himself that he will bring Russia back to the spotlight by giving it a military it hasn't witnessed in over 25 years?! (Link to the threats in November: Nuclear Threats are So Clear! )

Now, four months later we have almost the same exact threats and a validation that Putin is indeed going to reclaim the Presidency in Russia. If this does not become a forefront to fight the Democrats come this next election than I've lost all faith in the Republican Party because this is easily one of the most frightening things of our time. The fear of Iran and North Korea getting a nuke might be scary but to me, the fear of Russia which all ready has nukes and is ready and willing to deploy them, that makes me shit my pants in fear. (Article to recent Defense Missile Threats: Strike 2 Mr. President )

If you have not all ready shit yourself with the fear of Russia threatening our defensive systems with nukes and with the enevitable war that would come from such a feat, then how about the President saying he would be more flexible once he's re-elected when it comes to the missile defense system. Now by more flexible I'm hoping that doesn't mean, "I'll be able to pull every defense system and soldier out of the world and put them back in the US." because frankly this is getting ridiculous. Had it been President Barack Obama in the 1980's we would most likely have a divide in Germany between Communist and Capitalist, the Cold War would still be as strong as ever, and Sadam Hussein would be ruling Iraq still.

The link to a news article detailing the situation between the current President's of the United States and Russia: Obama's Flexibility. We live in frightening times... The Obama administration wants to take your guns, to cause civil unrest, class warfare, division between the races, to widen the gap between middle class and the other two classes, to raise the debt, to increase foreign dependence in every manner, to promote green technology which is failing in it's own glory, and to ensure that America is the most hated country around the World. There's nothing more frightening than the foreign policies this administration has employed... Well maybe one thing, a second term of course.

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