Thursday, March 29, 2012


Since day one of the Republican Primary Mitt Romney has been spoken as as the front runner. There have been various candidates who have been looked at and at one point leaded within the polls but they immediately fell back into place under the powerhouse that is the Romney campaign. Some of you may argue whether he is the perfect candidate, or whether he is a candidate that should even be running, or whether you know a better candidate to send as a nominee against the current President. Despite what you may think you know, there is an aura of inevitability about Mitt Romney and every poll, every individual in the RNC and every figurehead understands Mitt Romney will be the nominee.

The question then becomes, why is Newt Gingrich still running? Why is Rick Santorum still running? The answer, they would rather destroy their party and the chance of an American century than to allow Romney to beat them. It's ridiculous that they can both admit that they will not win and yet they would rather bring this to the Republican National Convention and duke it out there. 

In 2008, Mitt Romney gracefully bowed out to John McCain to better his chance against whoever won the Democratic Nomination. Well now it is truly Mitt Romney's chance to shine. Less than 48 hours ago Marco Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney and today it was followed by an official endorsement from George H. W. Bush. It is also rumored that Paul Ryan may endorse and it was leaked, thankfully there's a link to the story. (Link here: Paul Ryan Endorsement)

Marco Rubio will be a great candidate if chosen to become Vice President of the United States and I do believe it will greatly increase Mitt Romney's chances at beating President Barack Obama. I would be willing to also go for a Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket though my preference is on Rubio. I also would be interested to see if Barack Obama chooses a different VP candidate being Joe Biden doesn't really energize the base. As much as I hate to give out some suggestions to the other side... An Obama/Hilary ticket might really energize the base and coalesce some women. 

Nonetheless, let's get back to the topic of Inevitability. Mitt Romney as a Republican Candidate for the nomination, it is inevitable he will win and the fact that we have two candidates (I do not count Ron Paul as a candidate, sorry.) attempting to sabotage his chances or to go down as the biggest pair of cry babies.

The very reason I say that they are the biggest pair of cry babies is Newt Gingrich blames his falling poll numbers through out the campaign on the 'Elitest Media' and not the fact that people may prefer the 'Massachusetts Moderate' over a guy who has had three wives, has said some radical things and shoved more than just a foot in his mouth and that's to say the least. Let's also talk about the fact that Newt Gingrich also plays the part of an attack dog well but he looks frazzled when someone attacks him and actually strikes a blow. 

Santorum on the other hand is just... too arrogant and too hot headed for me to ever willingly vote for whether it be a primary, a senate seat, a congressional seat, or anything of the likes. A great example is if you read the post a few days back about Rick Santorum you'll easily see why I do not like him as a person, yet alone as a potential candidate for the Presidency.

I hope we as a party can just coalesce behind Mitt Romney before the convention and attack the real foe at hand, the President. 

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