Thursday, May 3, 2012

Elizabeth Warren is a Liar!!!

Elizabeth Warren is one of a long list of people who should never have the chance to become the voice of the people. The very fact that she stands where she does in academia based on her lies, the fact that she's a "Native American" is asinine. Her Great-Great-Great-Grandmother had listed on a paper that she was Cherokee. This does not make Elizabeth Warren a native American.

Elizabeth Warren is a prime example of what is wrong with Massachusetts and the very fact that 40% of this state is willing to back her shows that Massachusetts has not changed as much as we need it to. Scott Brown is bipartisan, well educated, and is a straight shooter. Elizabeth Warren is, well certainly not Native American, and had she not placed that on her resume and school information she probably wouldn't be where she is today, at Harvard.

That is right, Elizabeth Warren is no 'closer' to the people she hopes to represent than she is the Native American's that she claims to be related to. She enjoys playing the victim card and she most certainly enjoys being controversial. She herself said she created the Occupy Wallstreet Movement. I just want that on the record because 5 individuals with connections were arrested recently in their failed attempt to blow up a bridge in Ohio. Outstanding, glad that you can be attached to that Mrs. Warren, you certainly represent everything I want in this nation, not.

I'm going to link a couple of pieces of information and would ask that you spread this, share this with your friends, post it on your facebook so that we can get the word out that Massachusetts cannot afford to have the likes of Elizabeth Warren in the senate.

Elizabeth Warren talking about her Native American Heritage:
Elizabeth Warren and her opinion on Congress and stocks:

Now remember, do not create any political ads that are negative. It is not a negative ad to prevent facts, but it is negative to take things out of context. Just simply spread knowledge and we will keep Scott Brown in office come November.

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