Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bachmann Endorsement... whooopdddeeeeedoooo... not...

*I want to apologize to anyone reading this before hand... There are several pieces of vulgar language in this rant and if you have a weak stomach or just simply dislike swearing, don't read. You have been warned. *

So Michelle Bachmann officially endorsed Romney, isn't that amazing? I love how it's over played that she's a Tea Party Favorite because at this rate, considering she dropped out what was it, six months ago, at this rate we can expect a full fledged backing of the Tea Party probably a day or two before the November Election. This is amazing.

Scrotum, I mean Santorum has not officially endorsed Romney yet, he's mentioned that he wants Romney to prove he plans on governing as a Conservative. I'm sorry but I'm done trying to hold back, who the fuck does Santorum think he is to say he needs proof that Romney will govern as a conservative? Is his record as a Governor in MA not proof enough that he's a conservative in the sense as a constitutional conservative? He followed out state constitution to a T and passed a lot of conservative legislation which is outstanding with the overrun problem we have here in MA.

Let's also talk about how Santorum backed Arlen Spector and he has the balls to ask Romney for proof? Santorum, you're a nobody again, we don't need you. You lost in your state by 16%, it's obvious that you weren't going to win against Obama and now trying to play a trump card like you have one, (remember Trump endorsed Romney.) is beyond me.

Newt Gingrich is another story... he's still coming out saying that Romney is a moderate but a Massachusetts Moderate is better than the most liberal President in history. Can someone please just muzzle the Marshmallow Man and put him in a closet until the election is over? Every-time he talks it's more fuel for the Liberal flame in terms of why not to vote for Romney.

The media is correct that Romney has a hard time getting the base to coalesce behind him and that's because the other key players in the party right now all ran on a platform that "Mitt can't win." and yet Mitt beat them all to the ground so no, I am not surprised that they're all pissed about Romney winning the primary election. I will give credit where credit is do however. I'm not a large fan of Rick Perry but he did come out quickly, as did Herman Cain, when they saw Romney sweep the north east and they did endorse.

I also want to give credit to Huntsman, I know it's not an endorsement that helped Romney win, but the fact that he did bow out and endorse Romney in the same speech was brilliant and it proved a point... No candidate is going to endorse another candidate as they run, but when you bow out that's when to do it. All of your constituents are watching and so far, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum have not done that and because of that the wounds from the primary election cannot heal. There's no better time to endorse than when EVERYONE'S eyes are on you... not months later when no one is paying attention anymore. When you have the platform, use it otherwise you're worthless to us.

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